“Cosmic Balance” — completely unrelated type of balance to what I go on to talk to talk about in this post. Although, outer space looks all fancy and it goes well with the theme of OpenAstronomy.

From all my previous posts, it is quite evident that I obsess over small and insignificant details, mainly directed towards how my life is going to be in the future and this entire concept of “happiness”. However, the past few months of working with Sunpy has brought about this odd sense of calm. The entire feeling of stress being an emotion goes out the window. Maybe this is what doing something you love, maybe it’s the people — or maybe it’s just extremely good timing combined with coincidence.

Ah, I suppose these questions don’t have simple answers. Regardless, whatever I’m…

Sunkit-Pyvista is doing quite well as of today, this goes without saying due to the fact the the Sunpy developers put in quite a bit of effort into reading all the stuff that I write and they do carefully review them.

That being said, I’ve personally faced no a few issues with getting things to work as they are. I don’t have much to say about this project except the fact that I’m super stoked about it and it has been going super well.

I get to write code from scratch that’s turned into an actual project that would help…

Finally, the official “coding period” of GSoC finally began a couple of days ago. From where we started of with Sunkit-Pyvista, to where we are today makes me feel a tad bit happy! 😄

Weeks 1 and 2 were initially set out for me to complete adding rotation functionality to the library, which started off great, but ended up causing some confusion 😅.

This was quickly sorted out and we went with not having to implement rotation functionality and moved on, learning that not everything will go according to plan and it’s okay for stuff to not work out at…

A couple of months ago, I was introduced to the world of open source by a few peers of mine and despite having the many unanswered questions about why open source software exists, eventually I decided to try my hand at it.

In my previous post I had mentioned how I’d continue to be a contributor to SunPy regardless of the outcome of GSOC.

“I made a promise to myself that regardless of the outcome of my proposal, I will continue to contribute to this organization that taught me so much.”

With that in mind, this showed up a couple…

Why open-source?

To be extremely honest, I had never really understood open-source software. I always worked for myself and from being in this extremely competitive world, I had this notion in my head that whatever I do should be safe-guarded from anyone else who would claim my work as their own.

I hadn’t really thought about why open-source software exists. I have always been an AI enthusiast and casually used all of the popular open-sourced libraries without having to think of why someone would reveal all of this code to the public? Why are all these developers sharing their life’s work? …

Jeffrey Paul

An aspiring Software Engineer with a new found interest for open source contribution.

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